Our 2016 Chatham County Outstanding Volunteer

Our 2016 Chatham County Outstanding Volunteer

Jim Farrington – Our Chatham County Outstanding Volunteer

Congjim farringtonratulations Jim!

For more than six years Jim has steadfastly shown up for his regular shifts (3 per week). In the past year, Jim did more than any other volunteer to help us distribute more than 220 tons of food in cramped quarters to Chatham County Families in need. But beyond that he probably puts in more hours on projects outside of his food stocking and provisioning shifts. Because of his commitment to CORA and concern for the community, Jim was asked to join the Board of Directors two years ago adding even more hours to his service. He is always the first to ask if help is needed on a new project or special event. He attends more of our events than almost any other board member (which the staff really appreciates). He has become a self-proclaimed ambassador for CORA taking advantage of every opportunity to sing our praises all across the county. We are extremely fortunate to have such a treasure dedicated to CORA’s well-being and the well-being of our clients.

Reception for Award Recipients:

A reception for this year’s Outstanding Volunteer recipients was held on Sunday, May 22nd at the First United Methodist Church in Siler City and the public was invited.

Jim Farrington is a nonprofit manager’s dream.

Not only is he completely reliable, but he is always ready for any job. In the past year, Jim contributed at least 600 hours to CORA, 10% of all hours logged in. He contributes lots of physical work but also ideas. His skills and abilities are many, and he uses all of them for our benefit. Jim is a fearless fundraiser. Last year he went door to door to Siler City Businesses in an effort to develop new relationships with potential supporters because more than 50% of our clients come from Siler City, a daunting task indeed! He also acquired four new sponsors in Pittsboro for Hunger Walk, our big fall fundraiser. Stocking, loading, delivering, sorting, storing and shelving food, Jim has probably put his hands on as much food as anyone at our local Lowes Foods!

Jim has done almost every job in the pantry and has done it so well that we were there were ten of him. JIm F Unloading 2015He is the type of person that you can ask to do the simplest job and he is willing and eager to do it. At the other extreme, when CORA staff and board realized that finding new larger space was overdue, Jim took it upon himself (being the proactive person he is) to contact the County Commissioners and other community leaders to get the ball rolling on not only finding a space but securing confirmation of financial resources to purchase and retrofit, if necessary, an appropriate space. Jim also was one of two people to make a presentation to the County Commission that convinced the commission of the need and the importance of their help. Jim is always quick to come up with ideas to improve our processes and facility whether it’s shelving units, method of food transport, storage (he acquired free storage space for CORA. from Pittsboro Roadhouse), fundraising opportunities (he is not afraid to beat the bushes and has developed relationships with new donors) and has mentored new volunteers in the ways of the “back rooms” at CORA. Even when dealing with a recurrence of an old back injury, Jim shows up and does what he can. Both the Executive Director and the Pantry Manager have come to rely on Jim for his wisdom, his reliability, his forthrightness, his humor, his constantly positive attitude and his ability to make anyone’s job at the pantry enjoyable. In spite of all that he does, he has a quiet, calming manner and influence on staff and volunteers alike. And to say that he goes above and beyond the call of duty is a gross understatement.

What else could we possibly say about this extraordinary man other than a BIG Thank You !!!

Thank you, Jim, for all you do for CORA and for those whom we serve.