Need Food Support?

Need Food Support?

How to Apply for Services


You must be a legal resident of Chatham County.  (Your physical address must be in Chatham County.)  You must also have a written referral from a social services agency (federal, state, local, or nonprofit) or church pastor.  Our referral system is intended to encourage food recipients to connect with appropriate private and public programs that can help alleviate the causes of the problem that is creating the short-term need for emergency assistance.  CORA Food Pantry is not equipped or qualified to help people with their basic social needs.  However, we do seek to assure that no one in Chatham County has to go hungry while they work out strategies for regaining self-sufficiency. You must have a referral for EVERY visit. 

Contact Information for Referring Agencies

How Much Food

The CORA Food Pantry will provide eligible families and individuals with enough food for three (3) meals per day for one week per visit. Each family or individual is eligible to receive food up to six (6) times per 12-month period.

Kinds of Food

CORA provides dry goods, canned goods, and other foods that are easy to store long term.  Frozen foods, dairy foods, eggs, and produce are often available but not guaranteed.  We pay particular attention to the nutritional balance of foods distributed. The Pantry is set up like a grocery store. You will push your own grocery cart and be allowed to choose the foods your family will enjoy (within nutrition guidelines) with the help of a volunteer.

Obtaining Food

First obtain a referral from a qualified referring agency, such as Dept. of Social Services, Hispanic Liaison, Council on Aging, Department of Health, FVRC or similar agency.  You must have a referral for EVERY visit. When you have your referral (a one page document with information about you and your family) call us to schedule an appointment to go through the pantry and choose your food with the help of a volunteer.  We do take walk-ins, but if you come without an appointment, you may have to wait for an extended period of time until we can fit you in. Walk-in clients must arrive at the pantry before 1:45 pm to be served that day.


The CORA Food Pantry is located at 40 Camp Drive in Pittsboro NC near the Chatham County Dept. of Social Services (DSS) in Pittsboro, and across the circle from the new Pittsboro Library on the Central Carolina Community College campus (CCCC).


Monday to Friday 10:00am to 2:00pm (except state holidays)

CORA receives food from the USDA TEFAP program (The Emergency Food Assistance Program). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.