Reducing Waste

Reducing Waste

CORA does not turn away usable donations. Most things that we cannot or do not distribute to the public are funneled to other organizations that need them. For example, extra large and commercial sizes of food are sent to local food kitchens, meat unsafe for humans or where safety could be in question (open package, organ meat, seafood) is collected by Carolina Tiger Rescue, pet foods are taken to the local animal shelter, baby formula and diapers to the public health department. Outdated baked goods and older produce are given to two local farm animal rescue organizations. Nothing goes to waste if we can help it.

If you would like to donate items directly to our cooperating organizations, please visit the websites below for each organization’s donation policy.

St. Bartholomew’s Church in Pittsboro

Family Violence and Rape Crisis Center

Carolina Tiger Rescue

Chatham County Animal Shelter

Chatham Animal Rescue Organization

Chatham Council on Aging

Pig Pals of NC

Chatham Farm Animal Rescue

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