Healthier Foods

Healthier Foods

CORA purchases foods with lower salt, fat and sugar content whenever available, and we encourage food donors to do the same: fruit in natural juice, whole grain breads and pastas, low sugar cereals, high fiber choices like brown rice, oatmeal and a variety of beans.

We also accept donations of fresh produce from local farmers during the growing season and have several community gardens that contribute regularly to CORA.  Donations of farm-fresh eggs are accepted and distributed along with eggs purchased at local grocery stores.

For summer 2015, CORA collaborated with Farmer Food Share to provide several servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to children in the SNACK! Program each week during the summer as part of the food provided to each child for 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches. Farmer Food Share also provides CORA with fresh produce from a local farmer’s market once a week, free of charge.

Although CORA does not purchase the following foods, “occasional” foods like snack foods, chips, ethnic foods, holiday favorites like pumpkin and cranberry sauce, coffee and tea and foods higher in sugar or fat like candies, cookies and other “sometimes” treats are accepted in limited quantities as donations. These foods are available to families in our “Miscellaneous” food shelf area and clients may choose a few of these (up to three) depending on availability. Everyone likes a little “treat” now and then!

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