Client Choice

Unlike most pantries, which provide clients with fixed boxes or bags of food with no ability to select the items included, client choice pantries allow clients the ability to choose from a wide variety of foods, better enabling clients to meet their personal dietary needs.

CORA Food Pantry is set up like a grocery store, and clients “shop” for their own food with the assistance of a volunteer, selecting food in quantities based on family size. This gives clients a feeling of empowerment and self esteem in a time of great difficulty, engages volunteers more closely with those whom we serve  and helps to reduce food waste.

The client choice model offers these advantages:

  • A sense of dignity for clients and their families
  • Higher satisfaction with the food they are able to choose
  • Less waste and ultimately less cost of food provided
  • Greater opportunities for volunteers and clients to interact; our volunteers share recipes with clients, listen to their stories of hardship with a sympathetic ear and refer them to other agencies that can help with additional  needs such as housing, health care, child care, etc.

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