Help CORA Raise the Roof !!! and Purchase a Truck !!!

Help CORA Raise the Roof & Purchase a New Truck !!!!

Please help CORA with these import projects by contributing to our Go Fund Me for CORA Campaign.

We at CORA want to move into the future ready to meet the rising demand for food support forecasted for Chatham Country due to increasing population, changes in public policy, and economic uncertainty. You can help us provide a safer, happier, more efficient and more helpful environment for our clients in need, and our more than 200 volunteers who make what we do possible!

CORA is so grateful that Chatham County Government has joined us in a public/private partnership to build a warehouse, replace our roof and complete other renovations of our current building that is in need of a long list of repairs and updates. The county has committed $300,000 in this year’s budget for the project, but we expect the total cost to exceed $300,000, especially when new equipment is included. We are working hard to keep costs within budget and using volunteer labor and some donated materials.

Most urgent is a new roof for our building at 40 camp Drive, Pittsboro. Leaks have caused damage inside and outside the building on numerous occasions.

Multiple repairs have not adequately addressed the problems.  We need a totally new roof!

Your contribution in any amount at

will help us raise
for a new roof and other much needed repairs!

Why does CORA need a truck?

Last fiscal year (ending June 30) 220 tons of food moved in and out of CORA’s food pantry. Our own truck will allow us to:

  • Have more control over how and when all this food is moved to better accommodate volunteer availability
  • More easily take advantage of special, large purchases that save us money
  • Reduce our transportation costs
  • Expand our food offerings to include more healthful foods by expanding our food acquisition sources
  • Serve more children in our summer SNACK! Program by increasing the amount of food transported around the county to more than 14 sites.

We can purchase a nearly new truck that will hold 8 pallets of food from a local rental company that will pay for itself in less than two years! AND loading/unloading equipment — like a pallet jack and possibly a fork lift — will make all this heavy work easier and safer.

Your contribution in any amount at

will help us raise an additional

needed in order to make it happen!

Thank you !

You may also contribute directly to CORA by mailing a check to: CORA Food Pantry Raise the Roof, PO BOX 1136, Pittsboro, NC 27312.  Please write “Raise the Roof” on the memo line of your check.  You can also make a contribution online at our donate page.