Galloway’s LEDGE is Making a Difference in Chatham County’s Fight Against Hunger

CORA is fortunate to partner with a variety of residential neighborhoods in Chatham County who support our efforts to build a community without hunger. Each month, we receive carload after carload of groceries that benefit the families CORA serves.   And they are always delivered with a smile and the desire to do even more to support CORA’s work!

One of these amazing partnerships is Galloway Ridge through their LEDGE program. With inspiration from PORCH, LEDGE encourages Galloway Ridge residents to leave donations on the ledges outside their apartments for pickup and delivery to CORA. LEDGE all began when Galloway Ridge’s Charitable Fund Committee visited CORA and learned of a need for plastic bags. Following the holidays in 2017, a committee formed to collect food donations, as well as bags, to help families shop at CORA. It was a great success and both residents and staff agreed to continue collecting for CORA on a monthly basis.

By touring CORA, Galloway Ridge’s residents and community members were better able to understand how the CORA Food Pantry works. “CORA’s staff and volunteers are very organized, and for that we are grateful,” said Christine Fernsler one of the LEDGE Coordinators. “In addition, many of us were touched by the thoughtful gestures in the Pantry, from the birthday bags to the library where children can take books home.”

In an effort to help CORA even more, LEDGE takes great effort to sort all donations prior to delivering them to the Pantry. Dick Kahler, a frequent volunteer at CORA and former chair of Galloway Ridge’s Board, suggested that sorting donations at Galloway before sending them along to CORA would make stocking the shelves much more efficient. CORA recognizes that this takes significant organization and set up, and for this, we are extremely thankful for their extra help.

Last year LEDGE volunteers worked with students from Northwood High School. They believe working with other groups is a great way to share the mission and work of CORA. “We wish that more citizens of Chatham County realized just how great the need is for so many of our fellow citizens that have encountered job loss, medical expenses or car repairs beyond their means, which impacts their ability to feed their families, “said Becky Sbrollini, another of the LEDGE Coordinators.

CORA is so grateful for the work of LEDGE and the Galloway Ridge community. We know that a program like this takes lots of work and organization. So THANK YOU, staff and residents, for helping us fulfill our vision of building a community without hunger and for being a wonderful partner!