CORA thanks you in advance for your donation.

Contact Information for Donation Questions and Support

Rebecca Hankins, Development Director – 919-491-5896, — For information on monetary donations

Natalie Stewart, Pantry Manager – 919-542-5020 (weekdays 10 am to 2 pm) —   For information on food donations

Pamela Barker, Food Drive Coordinator, — for scheduling your food drive, and coordinating food delivery to CORA

Peggy Overton, Data Manager – 919-545-3030, — For Food Drive Information Packet

Cash Donations

CORA accepts donations in cash at the Pantry and at CORA events. (Please do not send cash through the mail.)

Donations by Check

Checks may be mailed to: CORA Food Pantry, PO Box 1326, Pittsboro, NC 27312    For your convenience a link to a printable Donation Form is provided below. You may fill out the form and mail to CORA with your gift.

CORA Donation Form

Credit Card Donations

CORA accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Donations can be made:

(1) Online HERE!

 (2) by phone at 919-545-3030

(3) by printing and completing the Donation Form below and mailing to CORA.

CORA Donation Form

Please indicate the purpose of your donation. If no specific purpose is noted, your contribution will be used for general operations.

Become a CORA Sustainer

You sign up only once with your (secure) credit/debit card information, and you are done! You donate the same amount each month for as many months as you choose. We will automatically charge your card on the tenth of every month until you tell us to stop. It’s an easy, convenient way to help CORA provide emergency food to those in need year-round. You can give online HERE or fill out the online donation form or call 919 -545-3030.  Every $10 you give each month feeds one person for an entire week.

Memorial Gifts

If you are mailing a donation, please include a note with the name of the person being remembered and the name and address of the person(s) to whom an announcement of the gift should be sent. These acknowledgements do not specify the amount of your gift.

If you are making your donation on line, click the donate button on the right side of any page except the home page. On the “Purpose” line of the on line donation form, enter the name of the person being remembered and the name and address of the person(s) to whom an announcement of the gift should be sent. These acknowledgements do not specify the amount of your gift.


If you are mailing a donation, please include a note with the name and address of the person being recognized. An acknowledgement of your gift will be sent to the honoree. These acknowledgements do not specify the amount of your gift.

Donations to the SNACK! Program

To designate your gift to the SNACK! program please write SNACK! on the memo line of your check or the “Purpose” line of the online donation form. For information on sponsoring a child for the summer go to “Be a SNACK! Angel

CORA Donation Form

North Carolina State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC)

The SECC is the only workplace giving program authorized for payroll deduction for most state employees. In 1984, Governor James B. Hunt issued an Executive Order establishing the campaign, and since then each Governor has actively supported the SECC. CORA is listed under Chatham OutReach Alliance (code 3754). To find out more, please visit

Stocks and Securities

CORA accepts gifts of stocks and securities through Kathy Brommage/Edward Jones. For information on how to make a gift through our Broker, please call Kathy at 919-960-6119. Our DTC number is 0057 and our account number is 2931591917.


Fifty percent of the food CORA distributes to hungry families is donated! This source of food is VERY IMPORTANT to us! To make sure your donation of food does the most good, keep the following guidelines in mind. If you are planning a Food Drive, please check out this informational packet.

CORA accepts donations of shelf stable foods — canned fruit/vegetables, boxed cereals, rice, pasta,baking mix and shelf stable specialty items (drink mix, coffee, tea, pancake mix, condiments, herbs and spices, ethnic foods, other pantry staples, etc.). Please do not donate expired food! No glass containers, please!! We also accept paper products – especially bathroom tissue and paper towels – and some personal hygiene items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, disposable razors, etc. For a printable list of the the items that are most needed and the items that we usually have stocked please click here.

Foods We Need Now.

Click here for a list of Most Needed Items. There is also a list of items that are usually fully stocked, but we will gladly accept them, but prefer items from the “Needed” list.  We do ask that you do NOT bring in items in glass containers.  We don’t typically take baby food or pet food, but if we do receive them, we will find the right place for those donations somewhere else in our community.

Locally Grown Food

We also accept locally grown produce and eggs from individuals, farms and community gardens. If you have never donated fresh food to CORA before, please contact the Pantry Manager before bringing in your donation.

Frozen Meats

We accept frozen meats (beef, chicken, pork, turkey) that are commercially packaged by a USDA approved facility. This includes any meats you would purchase at a commercial grocery store. If you are interested in donating local venison, please contact our Pantry Manager for information.

If you are not sure if we will accept items you have to donate,  call or email our Pantry Manager at 919-542-5020 or

Food Drives

If you would like to hold a food drive at your place of work, school, neighborhood, church, sports or social club we can send you a Food Drive Information Packet that includes everything you need to make your food drive successful. You can request a Food Drive Packet by emailing Peggy at


PORCH began in Chapel Hill and has now spread across the country! PORCH is an all-volunteer, grassroots hunger relief organization whose mission is to collect and distribute food for distribution to food insecure families. Each PORCH program donates to the food charity of their choice. If you would like information on how to start a PORCH program for CORA we can connect you with someone at a current PORCH program who can help you get started. You can also get general information about PORCH at the PORCH Communities web site. If you are interested in starting a PORCH program contact