CORA Recruiting Board Members

Would you like to become involved with one of the most respected and effective non-profit organizations in Chatham County? We are currently recruiting three people for the CORA Food Pantry (Chatham Outreach Alliance) Board of Directors to fill vacant and expiring terms for the 2017-18 board. Anyone can apply, but expertise in law, marketing, social media, advertising, finance, or IT would be a plus. We are also particularly interested in attracting folks who work or live in the Western, Southern and Central parts of the county. If you know someone who you think might be interested, please forward this message to them.

Candidates will be asked to submit an up-to-date resume (even if retired), a letter from the candidate indicating why they are interested in working on the CORA Board, and two letters of recommendation from folks who have worked with the candidate in the recent past on a team, committee or board. Phone and in-person interviews may also be conducted with prospects. Deadline is January 16.

Please contact for details on the process of selection from among the candidates.