The Birthday Closet

The Birthday Closet

Every child should be able to celebrate a birthday.

When clients come through our pantry, a CORA volunteer asks if there is a child in the family that has a birthday in the current month. If “yes,” the client is introduced to CORA’s special “Birthday Closet” stocked with gift bags full of supplies and treats for a small birthday party. Clients can choose a Birthday Bag that is age- and gender-appropriate for the birthday child.

Perfect  For Your Youth Group, Church Group, Scout Troop, Service Project: 

If you are making birthday bags, think about items appropriate for the following categories: boys age 4-7 years, girls age 4-7 years, boys age 8-11 years, girls age 8-11 years. Occasionally, we accept bags for teens. When your bags are complete, tag each one with age range and gender. The contents of each bag should be sort of like a little party in a bag for 6 to 8 people.

Birthday Bags

Birthday Bags start with a colorful shopping bag (12″ tall preferred and not more 14″ tall).  

Every Birthday Bag should contain the following: (new and unopened)

Cake Mix



A small gift such as a book, puzzle, coloring book and crayons, stuffed animal or action figure.

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Other items you may want to include are: (new and unopened)



Paper Plates

Party Favors

Confetti or other Party Decorations

Small treats like life-savers, suckers, cookies, etc. (no homemade treats, please!)

When your bags are ready call the Food Pantry to schedule a drop-off day and time. Our storage space for bags is limited, so please bring no more than 40 bags at a time. Any questions? Call Natalie Stewart or Rebecca Hankins at: 919-542-5020.

Thank you!!!